The Value

Raha Textile Industry

Raha Textile Industry is the first manufacturing factory in Bahrain. Since 2016, we provide raw materials which make sofa and bed with rich quality. Our high-quality products are as: Pillows and Cushion Bed Softener and Bed Protector and Pillow Protector.

Our factory is using the latest machines and the finest types of fabric, and we used to fill very soft fiber Hollow Silicon Conjugated grade (HCS), its Non-allergic and Anti-bacterial, so it’s very clearly that our products are the finest.

Raha products are new production in our country, its newly produced, just try once and you will repeat. Also, if you and your family need to sleep protected and well, with good prices of products, don't hesitate to acquisition our Pillow and Bed Softener. We wish you sleep good with great dreams for you and your family.

We hope your convenience with our products, and we always improve our products quality as you request.

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Raha Products